Education empowers us! Apothecary - Herb-Infused Vinegars

Education empowers us! Apothecary - Herb-Infused Vinegars

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated." ~R. Collier

I spent the weekend brushing up on different essential oils, herbs, and recipes. I have a variety of resources I use for sourcing information. A few of my favorite essential books are:

I also find various blogs, youtubers and websites to be helpful when troubleshooting mixtures or recipes. Not all batches turn out and sometimes we just need to rethink how the oils or butters work together. 

This weekend I read more about herb-infused vinegars. Some facial toners, bath soaks, hair rinses and facial masks include herb-infused vinegars as their primary base. Vinegars help restore acidity to the skin and can help fight acne. Vinegar can also remove buildup which can help with your hair or scalp. 

You an infuse the vinegar by using either fresh or dried herbs along with apple cider vinegar. (Other vinegars may be used but they may not have the same benefits as apple cider does.) According to the Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book, the supplies you need are:

  • Glass jar with a mental or plastic lid
  • Natural waxed paper
  • Cheese cloth, jelly bag, or fine mesh sleeve
  • Herb of choice (chopped)
  • Unpasteurized, organic (preferred) apple cider vinegar

The steps are simple: add your chopped herbs to the glass jar, add apple cider vinegar so that it covers the herbs by at least 1 inch, then seal with the wax paper and jar lid. You'll have to let the vinegar sit and process for about 2-3 weeks. Once the process is complete, you can use the mesh sleeve or cheese cloth to strain out the herbs. 

Always date your infused vinegars and store them in a cool dark place. They have a shelf life of about 3 months if properly sealed. You can use this infusion method for other herbs used for cooking, most commonly in salad dressing. 

The recipe I followed to make a Calendula-infused facial toner is from: Nectar Herb + Tea. Check it out and let me know if you try the recipe. I can't wait to use the calendula-infused vinegar for skin care - soothing irritated skin, reducing pores, and fighting acne bacteria. Triple threat for sure!