Space Clearing Instructions - For Use with Sage or Palo Santo

  1. Hold the sage stick or palo santo stick at one end and point it downward at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Use a match to light the end/tip that is facing downward.
  3. Rotate to burn the end evenly.
  4. Once it catches fire and is burning evenly, feather out the flames to produce a nice, even ember. The sage or palo santo will begin to smoke.
  5. To increase the amount of smoke the sage or palo santo produces, fan the ember with your hand.
  6. Use the abalone shell to catch the embers.
  7. When you are done using the sage or palo santo, snuff out the materials in the abalone shell.


  • Always think good thoughts and say your blessing or prayer.
  • Never blow on the sage or palo santo; you’ll blow away your spirit and positive energy.
  • Smudge your body with the smoke; cleanse your self with the smoke.
  • Smudge your hands to prepare for the ritual.
  • Smudge your legs so you can walk through life in a good way.
  • Smudge your mouth to speak good things.
  • Smudge your heart to feel love and good things.
  • Smudge your head to think good thoughts.
  • Smudge the room you are in by moving the smoking sage or palo santo around the room to cleanse the entire room from floor to ceiling and corner to corner. Move to each room repeating the process.
  • You can smudge other persons or objects in the same manner.


  • Burn in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not leave the burning sage or palo santo unattended.
  • Keep away from animals, children, and other flammable material or liquids.
  • Never touch the burning sage or incense. Never touch the embers.



Great Creator, I come before you with an open heart.

I ask that you hear me, and I thank you for this sacred plant.

I respectfully light this sacred plant and humbly call on its spirit.

As its sacred smoke touches my body, I ask that it cleanse my mind, body and spirit.

As its smoke fills this room, I ask that is purify, protect and bless this space.

As its smoke rises, I ask that it carry away all negativity, fears and attachments.

As this sacred smoke leaves, I ask that light, joy and love take its place.